WhatUpLogoIt’s me, it’s me, yes, it is the A-C-E. It’s Ken Masters, the Ace of Spades, your friendly neighborhood 1245music.com representative. I am a hip-hop artist originally from Velt City, Strong Island (Roosevelt, Long Island for those that don’t know) now residing in Fredericksburg, VA. I invite any and all who come across my ranting to check out my music at http://www.1245music.com. Feel free to hype me, bash me, love me and hate me, I literally live for it all.

This entire blog is a way for me to talk about various topics that randomly come to me in the jumbled mess I call a mind. Games, music, movies, TV, anime, manga and whatever else may cross my path will be addressed, loved, hated and everything else in between. Stay tuned and enjoy the random ranting and ridiculousness.

*Photo Credit: BC Music 1st*

ACE OF SPADES (AOS) – “We In Here” – Official Vid…: https://youtu.be/4RyXS6PIn0Q

  1. Astro Adam says:

    I thought your PlayStation Premium Podcast song was awesome… nice job!

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