A Man of Liquor

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Personal
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I love to drink. I’m sure I have no real good reason to enjoy it as much as I do, but I do. I enjoy the taste of a good drink, the feeling of inebriation, and the lowering of my inhibitions. I enjoy the conversations I have while intoxicated because they are the most honest conversations I will probably ever have. Not only because I feel so much more comfortable talking reckless, but also because when people speak to someone who’s drunk, or they at least believe is drunk, they are far more open minded.

People are far more likely to “blame it on the alcohol” and let go the most extreme of statements. They will also allow themselves to share more than they may normally because they believe there’s no way you will remember, and anything you do remember can easily be attributed to drunken confusion or misunderstanding. The sad part is, though I am personally willing to have most of, if not all, of these conversations while completely sober and socially functional, most people are not. I find that that is a shame.

I also find that I, as weak minded as I can be from time to time, drink to bend to the weak wills of those around me as opposed to pushing them to say and do what they really feel while sober. I suppose the idea of being held fully accountable for their actions is too difficult to deal with. I also feel like tonight will be my last night playing this game. It could get ugly from here on out. Stay tuned.



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