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Posted: November 4, 2013 in Music, Personal
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So, Rook Nass, Uncle Chris and myself have a new 1245music mixtape releasing soon. Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, it has taken a bit longer than originally scheduled. Between the original release date and now, I’ve had more than enough time to think about everything leading up to it, and it makes me appreciate all the work and patience everyone involved has exhibited.

First of all, everyone on this project lives in different states, so…yeah. Between travel time and travel costs, we already have an issue. Combine that with work and family schedules, just getting a session planned can be extremely aggravating. Personally, I work from home with very little in the way of responsibilities, so I have time to find beats, come up with concepts, write rhymes and everything else necessary to develop tracks, but not everyone else has it as easy. They did it though, and they did it for the love of their craft. Not one of us has seen a dime from our music and this newest project will be free, so there’s nothing to be made here. We made certain sacrifices to make this happen and, while I can’t speak for everyone, I am proud of the work we have done.

Second, the idea of making music and not immediately releasing it can be taxing. After multiple studio sessions and nothing formally released, it can make you feel like there has been no progress made—as if the wheels are just turning in mud. Even with my prior releases, I’m always anxious and eager to put out more work, get more feedback and have more people find out about me and my music. For Rook and our labelmate, Miss Jill Vontae, who have no current work released, I can only imagine how it feels to put in the time and effort session after session and in their own personal lives, but not have something to publicly show for it. If you guys are reading this, I’m sorry. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and how talented I know you both are. Just know that I will personally do everything to make sure that EVERYONE knows what I know: you are both destined for greatness and people all over the world will know your names.

To my peoples outside of the studio: my friends and family who support me with kind words, buy my music or even help me make it, I apologize. I apologize for getting a beat from you and not having anything released. I haven’t forgotten about you or your faith in me, but timing is everything. I apologize for being so damn broke for so damn long because I’m chasing a dream that may never come true. I’m sorry for allowing my health to get the best of me on more than one occasion. More than anything, I’m sorry you have to listen to the garbage out there because we haven’t changed the game yet. Yeah,I’m DEFINITELY sorry about that one.

The time is coming for everything though. We are all working towards making this happen our way in its own time. To any and all who read this, I invite you to listen for yourselves at or check the SoundCloud player on the left side of this very blog. I promise you, there is not a single bad song. You may not always agree or relate to what we do, but it is ALL good music. We just need to be heard. That’s all anyone honing their craft needs. Thank you for your time.


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