Note to Self: Self-Preservation

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Personal

It is very easy to give of yourself. A text message, a phone call—even a FB message in the name of making someone else’s day brighter—does little to take away from your own day. Beware, however, how these little things add up. Be mindful of your own fuel levels, lest you run empty giving of yourself to too many people. There MUST be a balance of selfishness or at least an emotional instinct of self preservation in order to remain a functional human being.

On the other hand, be just as mindful of who refuels you. If you spend all your time giving to one while someone else uses up his/her energy giving to you, there is an imbalance and you are likely causing the same pain you’re feeling to someone with intent to treat you better. Take time to truly examine who supports you and who reaches out only in times of their own personal need.

These random ramblings are brought to you by insomnia, which has given me an extra five hours to think in relative silence. I’ve had time to consider how some of my closest personal relationships are working, why they are working, how they are working, and whether or not they are as good as I think. I’ve taken time to really think about how I talk to people and how they talk to me. It has always been my theory that how someone speaks or acts when they don’t know someone is paying attention is their truest form, and I’m ALWAYS watching—even if I don’t immediately do anything with the information gained. Now I’m choosing to go into my archives and analyze the data. In the interest of self preservation, it has to be done.


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