12:45Music Project: Vol. 1

Posted: November 19, 2013 in Music
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On November 12, my label, 12:45Music, LLC, released it’s first group effort: 12:45Music Project: Vol 1. Rook Nass, Soul Unseen, and I came together to showcase various levels of hip-hop. We want bring stories back to the forefront (where they belong) and try to give people something they can relate to.

  1. Nobody – Ace of Spades (AOS) & Rook Nass

This is raw emotion. You have two artists, no…two men who have often felt there was no one in their corner, voice frustrations with being falsely accused of betrayal, a lack of support from our peers, and general disdain for people.

  1. Burn – Rook Nass

Rook takes a melting pot of personal anger and experience coupled with stories from the world around him to spin this everyday tale of a woman caught cheating. With Stuntz on the beat, we are taken through everything from her betrayal to his own shortcomings, all while threatening to burn everything they’ve built to the ground.

  1. Monopoly – Ace of Spades (AOS)

Not everyday is going to be a good day. Not every year is going to be a good year. I can personally attest to both points and for the sake of my own sanity, this is what came out of it. Losing friends, whether it be because you grew apart or because of death, losing my father, and just a general sense of being lost, it’s all here for anyone else who is going through more than they feel they can bare.

  1. Going Home – Soul Unseen

This is a smooth instrumental vibe evoking thoughts and feelings one may have on a long trip home. A solid track that shows the versatility of 1245Music.

  1. Lemme Know – Rook Nass

Rook Nass is back with another story almost reminiscent of DMX’s “How’s It Goin’ Down.” The contrast of such a sublime instrumental and his biting lyrics along with such a personal look into his own experiences has produced something real.

  1. Face Melt 3.0 – Deuce, Ace of Spades (AOS) & Rook Nass

It started with one of my personal hip-hop heroes introducing me to “melting faces” (giving a performance so powerful, no one in attendance can resist the set). From there comes the third “Face Melt” track and it’s a Strong Island collaboration. A Nellz York City instrumental with Deuce leading off, hitting hard, a little reference rhymes by me (you might need to Google a few things) and Rook completely blacking out for 24 bars to close it all out.

  1. What Can You Do (Soul Unseen Mix) – Ace of Spades (AOS) ft. Jillvontae

As one of my more thought provoking and controversial tracks, it tends to garner a fair amount of attention. To that end, Soul Unseen wanted to put a new spin on it and accentuate the vocals of Ms Jillvontae with a more mellow, old soul instrumentation.

  1. Just How It Goes – Ace of Spades (AOS) & Rook Nass

This one was definitely for the Velt. In keeping with story driven tracks, my verse provides an inspired-by-life account of a hood story, while Rook gives a spot on account of a personal friend of ours. Most glamorize the street life whether they actually live it or not; we wanted to be that counter balance even if it were for just one track.

  1. This Groove – Soul Unseen

This Groove finishes out our first mixtape with another solid instrumental track designed to force you to nod your head and hum along.

It is with great pride that I bring you the work of myself and my musical family. Much effort and patience was needed to get here, but it has all been worth it in the end. Click the 1245Music link under the cover art to get your copy.

**Enter promo code REVIEW1 for an explicit copy or enter promo code RADIO1 for a clean copy of the 1245 Music Project: Volume 1. Offer good until 12/31/14**


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