Guilty Pleasures

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Gaming
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For every genre of art, there are things generally accepted as awesome and then there are those that are generally accepted as not so awesome. Somewhere between the two, there is this twilight zone of things we know are not necessarily good, but we LOOOOOVE them. In order to sleep better at night, we have dubbed these things guilty pleasures. Whether you’re a Nobel Prize winner who religiously watches the Scary Movie series or a hardcore gangster who loves romantic comedies, we all have them. Gaming too has its guilty pleasures. My Angel loves those dumbass fashion designer type games on the DS. She knows better than to play that shit, hell, she’s beaten far greater games throughout the years (Sleeping DogsBioShockBioShock InfiniteSkyrim just to name a few), but she loves putting fake outfits on fake characters in a poorly illustrated world, go figure. I, too, have my own guilty pleasure and today, for the first time, I will reveal it. Feel special.

Warrior-themed games are my fucking weakness. When I say “Warriors” I mean Dynasty WarriorsSamurai WarriorsDynasty Warriors GundamWarriors OrrochiOne Piece: Pirate Warriors, *sigh* all of it. I have literally rewritten Chinese history in Dynasty Warriors so much that one year in school I wrote a damn paper on Jiang Wei. The teacher was so blown she really had no choice but to give me an A. I know ALL of these games are just re-skinned versions of the first Dynasty Warriors game. I know that I will undoubtedly spend 90% of my time jamming on the Square or X button (depending on the system) with brief visits to Triangle/Y and Circle/B. I know that I’ve seen, heard, felt, smelled these stories, played as these characters and destroyed these locations many times before, but DAMMIT, I can’t help myself. Every time they put a game out, I resist for as long as I can, but then there’s a buy 2 get 1 free, or worse, it hits the bargain bin. How then can I ignore it? How then can I walk away from a $20 or less purchase of a game that has been a part of my life for so long? It would take a stronger person than I to say no.

But don’t you judge me! You have your games too and you know it. There is/are some series on some system that you get drawn to all the time and you can’t help it. The game probably hasn’t been good since the first one, but you just keep playing, don’t you? And the next time you play—late at night, with the phone off, hoping no one will ever know how much you love that one dumbass game—just know: you are not alone. (SN: I wanted to put the Michael Jackson song “You Are Not Alone” here…right in this spot, but I didn’t. You’re welcome).

  1. Astro Adam says:

    I do remember playing a 7Up themed game – as in the soft drink – and liking it. That was for the Sega Gamer Gear in the 90s. Good thing I never told anybody about that… Oh wait!

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