No, I Want to Thank You

Posted: December 6, 2013 in Music
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Good music makes me happy. Seeing artists, who I’m familiar with, making good music makes me even happier. Get a group of them together in a solid collab and I’m pretty much done. To that end, Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Kanye West, and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Lil Wayne, thank you for the track, “Thank You.”

Call Kanye whatever you like, but the man is an absolute and undeniable production deity. His use of samples, syncopation, and instrumentation creates some of the most symphonic beats hip hop has ever—and may never—see again. On this particular instrumental, Kanye didn’t reinvent the wheel; he just provided a solid, smooth ride based heavily off Alicia Meyers’ “I Want to Thank You” (a favorite BB-Q song of mine). Something about it felt very 90s to me, but that probably had a fair amount to do with the artists on deck.

Now, I am not going to pretend like I’ve been a huge Busta Rhymes fan the last couple of years, because I haven’t and I don’t like to lie to people. He completely and utterly told me to shut the fuck up and let him do his thing on this one though. He is completely himself on this track, carries an aura of a mic veteran at all times, and even displays a sense of playfulness at points, which keeps the track light and fun. It will probably take most people multiple listens to keep up, but who cares when someone is riding the beat like this.

And speaking of being completely locked in on the beat: Q-Tip you son of a bitch, well done. I could be wrong, but even with his breath taking flow, I don’t believe he punched in (stopping to catch your breath while recording, then starting again where you left off) at all during his verse. Bad enough his voice already makes him stand out, but to have him lock in so tight with such a solid instrumental like that really makes you understand why he’s in the upper echelon of spitters.

Even Lil Wayne did exactly what he needed to do on this track: nothing. He did a little intro speech kind of thing at the beginning and that was it. No random punch lines, no ill fitting flow in complete contrast to everyone else on the track, nothing. It was blissful.

Please, check this out, show some support and let the mainstream media know that not every track needs to sound the same. The musical landscape can and will only change if we make it. #GetWitIt


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