Excuse Me While I Take My Own Advice

Posted: December 8, 2013 in Personal
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One’s selfishness makes it difficult to see things for what they may really be. It is honorable to go after what you want, but when people are included, you must remain mindful of their feelings. It is easy to overlook that when some of, if not all, the people involved are not exactly mindful of your feelings, but you should not allow that to deter you from doing what is right. Know that in your quest for happiness, you may, in fact, hurt the very people you are trying to make happy.

What one must do in such a situation is pause and take time to see the situation for what it is, not just what you perceive it to be. There are, at the very least, two sides to every story. Though you may feel righteous in what you do, ask yourself: am I truly doing what is best for those I care about or am I just doing what would make me happy? It may not be an easy answer to face, but if you truly care, it is a question that deserves an answer.

I asked myself that question only to realize I have been blinded. I was so lost in my own desires that I completely overlooked the feelings of those around me. This was wrong and I sincerely apologize. I misjudged the actions of others based on my own point of view as opposed to what the actual situation was. This is out of character for me and I suppose it is why it took me so long to realize it; however, now that I have, I must not only make amends, but move forward and never allow myself to be so blinded again. Self realization is never easy but necessary for personal and interpersonal growth. May I again take time to see my flaws in the future and work to correct them in time.



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