Letter to Lupe Fiasco

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Music
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Hello Mr. Jaco,

I hope this letter finds you doing well, sir. I speak to you formally because, though I am a fan, I cannot claim to know you personally. Through your music, Twitter, website, and various media interviews, I have watched you develop as not only an artist, but as a person. I just wanted to say, I’m sorry. Not for me personally, but for all that you endure. Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is a curse, and if you truly know all that you say you do, sleep must be a luxury you cannot afford.

I see what yo try to convey in your music. Deeper meanings, stories, and wordplay that seem to go generally unacknowledged. Even the instrumentation is different from the average white noise on the radio these days. Again, I say, I’m sorry. My apologies for not knowing how to fight the system, but in only my own small way. I do not have the notoriety you do, nor the funds. Admittedly, if I did, I may not know how to use them to play catalyst to bigger change. What I do have, however, are words. Within these words I give you my understanding and my support as you battle with yourself amidst a world you seem to have great difficulty relating to.

The people and I are not the only ones with a mission here. You too must remain strong, sir. To fold and follow the allure of instant gratification of money defiles everything you have stood for until this point. You must keep a cool head in these times of strife if, if for no other reason, because so many look to you as an example that in this day and age, we can be who we are without fear. You are not acknowledged for what you are worth and you know that, but that doesn’t make you any less important to those that do value you and your work. So you must persevere and for that, again, I am sorry. It is not a weight that you should have to bear alone and I hope that you know you do not.

Though you cannot see the change you bring everyday in people, know that it is there. Know that there are those doing what is right, standing for what they believe in, and legitimately being decent human beings everywhere, everyday. Know that not everyone wants ratchet music with thudding 808s and no substance every second of the day. Know that you have your place, and it is bigger than you may believe or even understand.

I hope that this letter finds you, Wasalu. I would hate to think a friend of mine were in need and I did nothing to help raise his spirits.


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