Two Sides of the Coin

Posted: December 20, 2013 in Personal
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It is interesting to see people who come from next to nothing, attain a fair amount of money. Watching how they handle having more monetary security than, let’s say, their parents ever had as young adults, is always very interesting. I have noticed, however, that most people fall into one of two categories: The humble and helpful or the blatant braggart.

The humble and helpful people are just sincerely happy to be able to provide a better life for themselves and their loved ones. They usually take great pride in being able to help others attain at least some form of financial stability of their own and love to see others do well. Though they have new found monetary freedom and excess income, you don’t see social media pictures of a whole bunch of material things. Typically, you will see pictures of their kids or significant other as they thank God for their blessings and their ability to keep a smile on everyone’s face. There is a pure happiness there that makes you want to root for this person and celebrate their ascent up life’s ladder. They may show some self righteousness from time to time if they receive any hate on their good fortune, but all and all, these are stand up people who should have sunny days in their life.

Then you have the blatant braggart. These, usually single, people cannot let you forget how far they’ve come even for a second. In order to sleep at night, they have to remind you of how much stuff they have, how much they CAN do (not what they have actually done) and how much money they have to throw around. These people are experts at selfies because, typically, their ego can’t stand for anyone to be in a five mile radius of their lime light. Though they have gone through legit struggle in their life, they quickly forget that though they have achieved better for themselves, others are still going through that struggle for one reason or another. Instead of helping or sharing words of encouragement of their successes, they boost their own ego higher by putting down those who they were on equal ground with just a week ago. It is fine to take pride in the fruits of ones labor, but the arrogant, condescending manner in which they do it is all but unbearable. Fortunately, more times than not, they are never REALLY happy, for their money can never buy them what they originally wanted from the beginning: to feel loved and be relevant. They will still find it difficult to consistently hang out with the same people. When times are hard or they are stressed, they will see only “party friends” in their phone who have no sympathetic ear. When they are alone with their thoughts at night, they will be crushed by the weight of the choices they have made, and no one can understand them because they have created an air tight armor of forced bravado and swagger.

As I said, usually people fall into one of these two categories. Which one are you?


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