inFamous: Second Son = Amazing

Posted: May 1, 2014 in Gaming
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Infamous: Second Son is amazing, point blank period. I suppose that’s not going to be enough to get my point across though, so I suppose I should get into a little more detail.

As far as the gameplay goes, if you played the previous two titles, you will feel right at home. They maintained many, if not all, of the control elements that have made the inFamous franchise what it is today. There are randomly scattered side quests to complete, shards to find and use for improving your character and gun toting conduits trying to kill you (although this time they’re “military” and not just random collections of criminals). The main draw of the game, the balance of good and evil, is still here as well and will cause random people in the street to either cheer you on as you pass or flee in terror at the very sight of you. Both sides of the karma coin come with some shockingly different endings (I’m still recovering from the evil ending…my god).

For those of you who have not played the previous inFamous game, shame…shame on you. Lucky you, the game does a good job of walking you through the controls and fortunately or unfortunately, this game is only loosely related to the previous titles. There will be a few references that will mean nothing to you, but overall, you can have just as much fun with this game as anyone else playing it. I, personally, was hoping for a continuation of Cole MacGrath’s story but, other than his name, I didn’t really have a problem with Delsin Rowe as my avatar roaming the streets of Seattle (sidenote: congrats to Seattle. They got a Superbowl win AND they’re featured in a PS4 exclusive. Kudos lol). Now, I’m not big on story spoilers so I’ll keep the summary short and sweet: You’re a normal guy with no powers, a problem with authority and a cop for a big brother. You get powers and an even bigger authority has a problem with it. In order to save your town (for lack of a better term) you have to go kick the shit out of the head of a conduit hunting paramilitary organization. Yeah, that about covers it.

As a PS4 title, it goes without saying that the game looks great, but that’s nothing special, it’s what we expect at this point in gaming. Lighting seemed to me to be a big focus with the art team. Shadows are evident for everything, explosions light up the sky, neon signs (which turn out to be pretty important) stand out just as brightly as they would in real life and the changes between day and night do well to compliment the changing moods in the game. The multiple jackets/vests Delsin gets throughout the game are a small bonus that turned out to be really nice. Some of those designs are amazing and even the not so awe inspiring ones are still pretty cool. And the illustration of the powers is entrancing. I’ll not spoil what the powers are, but they are all well animated and play well with the focus on lighting.

Surprisingly enough, however, I have come to find that my favorite part of this game is not within the main storyline. No, instead, it comes from the intriguing PaperTrail DLC. This 6 chapter, episodic addition to the game not only utilizes in-game features, but incorporates your laptop or tablet for a completely, never before seen tie in experience. For instance, you may be tasked with taking pictures at a crime scene in-game, but then you will have to go through that evidence via your laptop/tablet in order to pick out clues in order to further the story. For those of you who watch CSI or Law and Order, be prepared to put your skills to the test. For those of you who don’t, since all the episodes are already released, you can find walkthroughs on It is a bold way to add depth to a single player experience without shoehorning in multiplayer and it’s a move I respect and appreciate. You have to love when someone tries something new and executes as well as Sucker Punch did with this.

So yeah, if you have a PS4, you should probably own this. If you have a PS3, go play the other two games and get ready for this. If you like solving mysteries, find someone who has this and make them play the Paper Trail DLC lol. There is literally a little something here for you all. Check out a little gameplay just to see it in motion for yourself. Until next time peoples.



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