So Uh…What’s Up With The Name??

Posted: May 10, 2014 in Music
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The odds that I’ll have the chance to ask every rapper/label/company about their name and the story behind is extremely slim. To that end, I want to thank the ones that make it very easy to understand where they’re coming from. I love simple, non thought provoking names like Swag ENT or Dope Boys, LLC. Oh, watch your step. I don’t want you to step in the sarcasm the previous two sentences are dripping with. Seriously though, what is up with the names these days?? Maybe I’m wrong for it, especially as an artist myself, but when I hear/see these brain dead names, I don’t even bother to listen. My mind immediately races to some stereotype that I don’t care to hear and I keep going til I find a name that makes me stop. Honestly, a lot of these guys/girls would be better off just using their real names. I’m sure that’s FAR more interesting…seriously, I’m actually NOT being sarcastic there.

When they pick some ridiculous trendy word for a name or a combination of said words, you’re already putting yourself into a box. If your name is Rich Homie Quan, I expect you to rap about money. If I don’t want to hear about money, which i traditionally don’t, I’m probably going to keep it moving until someone brings this music to my attention. The odds of me gravitating towards it myself, however, are slim to none. I remember When DMX came out and all the back and forth me and my friends had about what it stood for (Dark Man X for those that didn’t know). There’s a story behind it though. X was originally making beats. He took on the name DMX because of the Oberheim DMX drum machine he used a lot back in the 80’s. It was just later, with his dark image, that the letters came to be interpreted as they are now. SEE!! That’s a story. That’s something that you can sit down with that artist and find out a bit about his/her roots by asking about their stage name.

It’s bad enough there seems to be less and less depth and thought in music, but damn, people don’t even put thought into the names that represent them. I suppose it’s just a sign of the times. *shrug* I know I have a story at least.


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