Gaming A.D.D.

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Gaming
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Hello, my name is Ace (for all intents and purposes of this blog and article) and I have a problem. I, from time to time along with other afflictions that may or may not intersect with this one, suffer from Gaming A.D.D. It is as easy to understand as A.D.D. itself. I begin a game, wholeheartedly and with the best of intentions to put in hours, but it never happens. No more than 15 minutes later, I have the burning desire to grab another game, a game that ignites the same grand fire in me that the previous game did, and play it instead. Once again, I wholeheartedly intend to spend what most would call unhealthy amounts of time breaking scoring records, transmuting new items, throwing fireballs or whatever it is that this game requires of me, but then another 15 minutes passes and again, I must move on. A stack of games later, I have not accomplished anything even as accomplishments in gaming goes and I feel just as lost and unfulfilled as I did before I even turned my system on.

Now, this doesn’t happen all that often and for that, I thank the gaming gods. I have maintained focus long enough to beat many games, finish many seasons and defeat many opponents. When it strikes however, and it does so without warning, I have yet to find anyway to break the spell.

Super random, I know, but in case anyone else suffers from this debilitating affliction just know, it’s not just you…it’s not just you.


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