So…We Hit A Dead End or Nah?

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Music
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So…if I understand correctly, Michael Jackson performed (as a hologram) at an award show last night. *sigh* Really?? Listen, sometimes you just miss out on things because of timing. Unfortunately, if you were born late, you missed out on seeing him perform. If you were too broke to see him, like me, then *shrug* sorry. This holo “live” performance thing is a joke and cats crying in the audience is just…tragic. Put those “shows” at the end of a bluray or as bonus content on a game. Don’t have people come out and watch this like it’s really something.

You want to know the best part of “performances” like this in my opinion?? Of course you do, otherwise, why would you be reading this?? This best part is the powers that be felt like that time slot, that portion of their advertising budget, that section of this grand award show would be better suited to a ghost than ANYONE alive and kicking today LMAO!!!! There is no one that they said, “Hey, we should have so and so perform, he/she has a hit out right now”. Nope, they said, “Holo Michael….DONE!!!” Maybe I’m just ranting over nothing, which is well within my rights given the name of my blog, but come on. Michael was the truth, I’m not here to argue that, but there are more than enough people you can put on stage to give a real, interactive, living, breathing performance. Hell, I can’t even say that I like a lot of the acts that are radio or mainstream popular, but I would’ve been just as thrilled with a JT performance if they needed a contemporary heavy hitter in that slot.

This is just another example that shows how dull the music industry as a whole is these days. Every time I see a movie trailer/commercial that features a hip hop song, it’s always Eminem, Jay-Z or Kanye. Now, there’s well over 100,000 artists just on the east coast alone, but these are the only three getting those slots?? The industry has backed into a wall commercially and the only thing that’s truly worth selling is the past (see also, Tupac’s Coachella performance). Don’t mind me though. I’ll be the guy yelling “I told you so” when 1) people are paying concert ticket prices for hologram shows and 2) i,Robot becomes a reality.

  1. neto says:

    Yes! As happy as I was that they gave him a nod, I couldn’t help thinking how much of a statement something like that is about the current state of music. The occasional surprise hologram is awesome, but we really are only a step away from a full on show that people will buy tickets to attend.

    • It’s sad yo. It’s bad enough the music business is in the shape that it’s in where gimmicks are sold over talent. If they can legit sell holograms, there’s no need to even bother with artists any more lol

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