Power of Consumer

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Gaming, Music, Personal
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First and foremost, if you do not know what this phrase means or you do not recognize it at all, you have no place in any form of nonviolent revolution in this country.

You can make idle threats, you can talk of revolution, you can ban millionaires and publicly ridicule billionaires, but at the end of the day, they will still have enough money to help them sleep at night. The only way to see actual change is to hit them directly in the pocket. Now, while it is true an individual stands absolutely no chance of this alone, any form of unity can yield outstanding results. The key here is not to talk about it, but be about it. Barney’s, Wal-mart, Hilfiger, the list goes on and on of companies that have been publicly admonished for one reason or another, but what changes have they made? None. Why would they? They’re still making money hand over fist which let’s them know whatever issues people are currently ranting about are menial at best and well come and go before their quarterly numbers hit the stock market. People complain about trash on the radio and still tune in, share, and tweet everything they do. Hip hop is dead, but 2 Chainz is everywhere. Why would he ever think what he’s doing is wrong if you keep going to his concerts? In the gaming world, people complain ALL the damn time about how games like Madden and Call of Duty are released too often with minimal changes, yet they’re two of the highest selling gaming franchises. If someone told you you suck but still handed you $60, would you care what their opinion is? Hell no you wouldn’t. You would laugh all the way to the bank, the dealership, the bar and the strip club.

Ah, but what would happen if those midnight releases were empty? What if the Wal-mart parking lot didn’t look like your local car dealership? What if those clothes and jewelry sat on the rack never to see the light of day? What if that Drake concert only had a handful of people? There you would see change. When the shock wave is felt all the way in home offices and executive boardrooms, THAT is where change happens. THAT is when people start listening to demands. When pockets get lighter, THAT is when the world of a CEO stops spinning and that’s when companies realize that what they’re doing is no longer acceptable and they must adapt or die. The power lies within us. Instead of going to see what you feel will be a shitty movie just because they slapped the name of your favorite franchise on it, just don’t. I promise you you will not see a sequel. If you feel like gaming companies are just putting new skins on the same game over and over, stop buying it. The franchise will either die or get an overhaul.

Stop letting the worst kinds of people dictate how you spend your dollar. You worked for it, why the hell would you allow some prick in a boardroom (who you probably wouldn’t like if you met him) to laugh as he exploits you and fattens his pockets? Stop feeding the beast of ignorance and apathy. A little unity can go a long way. I’m sure you don’t care though. Neither do they. If you’re not going to do anything about it though, please get the entire fuck off social media ranting about change and revolution. You literally make me sick.


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