At The End of The Day, I’m Just Talking About Final Fantasy VII

Posted: June 5, 2014 in Gaming
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Stick with me here, this is going to go somewhere I promise. Ok, so I’m washing dishes and in the span of the 2 minutes it took me to finish, here was the chain of thought I had: After recent events in Naruto (that I will not get into because I’m not the spoiler type) I started thinking about Kimimaro. This led me to wonder, “If his clan had these unbreakable bones and he was so hard to kill, how did anyone take them out?” I then thought of a burning village and a grand fight among ninjas and said to myself, “It must’ve been a cut scene. You can get shot, set on fire, or any other number of normally life ending events and survive, but if you die in a cut scene, it’s over for you”. This led me to think about Aeris…poor, sweet Aeris and all the battles I enjoyed with her in disc 1 of Final Fantasy VII and how many times I revived her from death with Life magic or Phoenix Downs, but when that BASTARD Sephiroth descended from the heavens and drove his blade through her back in a cut scene, there was nothing we could do. I realized how little choice I had not just in that moment, but in the game in general. I was then hit with this, possibly distressing, epiphany.

Is there room for RPGs without choice in this day and age? Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age are among some of the biggest RPGs of recent memory. Suikoden, the Atelier trilogy, and Chrono Trigger are earlier titles where choice was everything (Suikoden even let you revive the tragic death character in their first title…I’m just saying). With the next gen in gaming here and new RPGs like Bound By Flame which also focuses on choice, is there room for linear RPGs anymore?? The question bears repeating because if there is not there is one thing in particular that does not fit anywhere in the future: A Final Fantasy VII remake

Am I stretching this? Sure I am. Who cares? I literally spend entire hours of my life trying to figure out why they haven’t taken the Advent Children graphics engine and remade that damn game already, but this…this makes sense. Final Fantasy VII revolutionized RPGs and made them a truly viable genre in America and other western countries. If they can’t remake the game and at least keep up with today’s games in any way outside of graphics, would they even want to do it? Would it be cool to have the voice acting and see the AMAZING updated cut scenes? Hell yeah it would. The fact of the matters remains, the battle system is dated, there was no online capabilities at the time and there’s no multiplayer. Do I give a shit about multiplayer in an RPG? Not even a little bit. After Mass Effect 3 nailed it though, SquareEnix may not want to release or re-release a title of FF VII’s standards without some way to match up to that. And then we come back to choice…how do you add choice to such an iconic story? The Final Fantasy faithful would enjoy it, but the new audience, the kid who’s first RPG didn’t come until the western explosion of the genre with games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls (pick one) and other massive, story driven, decision driven titles could be *gasp* bored. On the other side of that coin, if they do add choice, where do you put it? How much can you alter the story? Can you actually have a world where Cloud DOESN’T stay with Avalanche? A world where Dyne does get to see Marlene? A world where Meteor actually does hit before Holy can stop it? And, perhaps the biggest question of all, can we have a world where Aeris lives?

Now, is this REALLY the reason they haven’t made the game? No, not by a long shot. This is just a random collection of thoughts that I had for lord only knows what reason and decided to share it with the world because…well…why the hell not? It is interesting to contemplate the idea of gaming blasphemy for the greater good of seeing might be the most sought after remake that will probably never happen. Oh yeah…I did finish the dishes…in case anyone cares.

  1. neto says:

    I hate to burst your view of mass effect and dragon age, but those games were very scripted. Yes, you could make small choices which ended up affecting a few cutscenes here and there but they were still telling you their narrative. That was the reason so many people urinated on themselves in an uproar about the ending of ME3: the fact the choices and conversations along the way really boiled down to nothing. I haven’t seen the extended cut yet, only the original. But still, all signs point to the same general end.
    Elder scrolls has always been very choice based, I won’t argue that. But it’s not a recent development by any stretch of the imagination.
    FF VII isn’t being remade because square can’t squenix can’t afford the labor. Maybe after the jrpg revival is in full swing, maybe.

    • By comparison, you can still have different stories leading to that end in Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I know you remember talking about DA when it first dropped and we both had very different stories to tell. It’s not like GTA V where they completely rob you of choice while presenting an open world. And yeah, they won’t remake FF VII for a hundred and one reasons, we all know but eh… this theory hit me so I shared it lol

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