Stop BSing Us

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Gaming
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Hello (insert system developer name here),

As a semi intelligent human being in the year 2014, I understand the concepts of economy. I understand that you, as a million dollar company, want nothing more than to get your market share higher and make more money off of people who are struggling to make minimum wage. I completely get the idea that you want to make people pay for the same already developed, released, reviewed and beloved games over and over and wait…wait…over again. What would be awesome is if you stopped treating us like we don’t understand technology as much as we understand economics.

Be you Sony or Microsoft, your platforms began with discs (CDs to be exact). Your current platforms play blu-rays. Cool, I understand that, however, the Playstation 3 already showed us that a system capable of playing blu-rays can also play CDs aka Playstation 1 games. I fail to see how all of the sudden, the Playstation 4 or the Xbox 1 (which should be able to play original Xbox titles at the very least) sudden lost this capability being that they are more advanced machines.

Now, I can’t speak too much on the Xbox 1 since I do not own one, but I can rip into the PS4 seeing as how they’re now trying to charge me to RENT a PS3 title I already own (Metal Gear Solid 4 to be exact). You mean to tell me there is no existing technology within the PS4 that can play this blu-ray disc I already own? You’re not going to beat me in the head. I refuse to believe you.

Either you pricks get your digital rights figured out or you put backwards compatibility into ALL of your systems. If you’re so worried that we won’t buy your new titles, it just sounds like you’re worried that your new titles are trash and we’ll be content playing Final Fantasy VII until we die. If that’s the case, you don’t deserve my money regardless of the status of the economy. Don’t you dare insult my intelligence again like I don’t know/remember the capabilities of your past systems, lest you find yourself in the red again wondering why people are not buying your rehashed trash. You’ve been warned.


A true gamer


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