Space Ninjas Are STILL Awesome, Duh

Posted: December 6, 2014 in Gaming
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March 25, 2013, a free to play beta hits PC. A third-person shooter where players controlled—for lack of a more awesome term—space ninjas. With a handful of these ninjas to choose from, players ventured out onto the battlefield to rid space of the evil that has infested it.

I was there for that humble beginning. Now, I’ve never been much of a PC gamer and I only had a little Dell laptop—I know, I know, don’t laugh—and a Plug-n-Play Logitech controller, but even I could enjoy the solid graphics, sharp sound and simple to learn, hard to master gameplay. I didn’t stick with it long, but it was only because I knew this amazing title would be coming to my neck of the woods: PlayStation 4.

     When I finally got my hands on a PS4 and downloaded Warframe, I was instantly moved. I was so enamored with the game, I wrote an article covering it back at the beginning of the year

After almost a year of playing the game off and on, I can proudly say that the team at Digital Extremes continues to make this game leaps and bounds better. From minor details to full overhauls of characters and maps, the growth of this title is truly astounding.

In such a relatively short time, DE has not only tweaked the older game modes and Warframes, but it has also introduced all new features to accompany the already substantial groundwork it’s laid. Along with the elimination, sabotage and assassination missions, match types such as Interception (similar to Battlefield 4‘s Conquest or Call of Duty‘s Domination), where you have to capture and hold specific points; Excavation where you have to scan for dig sites then defend drills from being destroyed, while keeping them powered (it’s a lot, I know) and Hijack, which has you stealing massive machinery from the enemy by sacrificing your own shields to propel it. These are just a few of the all new mission additions, but even preexisting missions, like Rescue, have been updated to allow you to give a weapon to the captive you’re saving. Of course, they added wardens and a Fort Knox feel to the prisons, but hey, what can you do. Hands down, my favorite mission addition has been the space battles via the new Archwings. In battles that can only be described as what EVERY Gundam Wing game should be, you are free from the confines of structures and gravity to shoot and slash away in the vacuum of space.

On top of the new game modes (essentially the meat and potatoes of the game), the side dish here has to be in the extras. Warframe is still a free-to-play game and, unlike most FTP games, it is not a pay-to-win kind of game. It is, however, a pay to look cool game: new armor plating combinations, additional color palates and even syandana (scarf-like accessory that can be added to your Warframe). For the most part, these things can be obtained only by using platinum (a form of currency that can be traded with other players or purchased with real money). Those that can be purchased with credits earned in game, the Kubrows and sentinels, are the only ones that actually have any true functionality in battle meaning there’s still no gap between those spending real cash and those that are not. It’s just A LOT easier to spend money than build up the in-game funds and find the resources to add these pieces to your Tenno’s arsenal. Once you do have them, they can assist in everything from retrieving items, to attacking enemies, or even shielding you while you revive allies. Soloing a mission may not be advised, but they can help make it a bit easier to do.

     Graphically, there is a noticeable improvement in the vibrancy of the colors. The greens of the earth map are a bit greener, the flashes of explosions  are brighter, and the glow of Warframe abilities are more mesmerizing. The fur of the Kubrows and their movement is something that has really stood out to me. Our editor’s cat was actually pawing at the TV while watching a Kubrow roll around and do other idle animations. If the cat thinks it’s legit, I’m inclined to agree.

     Through all of my rambling, I’m basically just confirming that the game is still awesome. It’s been great since day one and the dev team has done nothing short of make it leaps and bounds better with every update. As a gamer, I am happy and proud to see their growth from the PC to the PS4 and now even the Xbox One. In a world where people are getting hit for $60+ on what feels like incomplete games banking on DLC to save the day, Warframe stands as a shining example of what good, honest work can do for not only the players, but for the growth of a company.


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