Til the Song Ends

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Short Stories
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I uh…man, I have no idea where this came from. Suffice it to say, I was having a bad day and this is what spilled out of my head. Thought I’d share though so…yeah…rock out.

He sits in blackness. Black jeans, black tee, his standard wardrobe. Everything about him was black and he enjoyed that. Not even the moonlight is allowed in. Head nodding ever so slightly to a song playing in the background. Memories collide in his mind as he tries to decipher how he got here. The good, the bad and the ugly. The things people know and the demons he keeps to himself. The promises made that he’s about to break. He begins to sing along slightly under his breath. Not that there was anyone there to hear him. He stands, foot tapping, hands drumming on his legs. His spirits seem lifted. Even a faint smile graced his lips, but none of it was real. His tears told the truth. They slowly trailed from his eyes across his smile, one caught between his clapping hands and one landing on his tapping foot. And with the final chorus of the song, he sang with all he was worth. Off key, out of tune, out of breath, he sang as the tears flowed but the smile never left his face. When the song ended and he was in the unbearable silence, he stepped forward off the chair in which he stood. The noose around his neck snapped tight as he swung back and knocked the chair to the ground. He died in the silence as he had many times before in his mind. The memories, with no one left to keep them, faded. The good, the bad and the ugly. The things people knew and the demons he kept to himself. The promises made that he had now broken. And his head still nodded ever so slightly as he swung…until his song ended.


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