Gaming: Then vs Now

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Gaming
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As you may or may not know, I am a contributor for a site called Recently, I did an opinion piece about whether gaming was better growing up or now. I’m fairly certain by the time you’re done, you’re either gonna wanna hug me or hunt me, but enjoy it either way.

OK, this is going to be hard. I have to write this and not sound like I’m a great-grandfather, talking to a room full of small children about how back in the day everything was better. Here we go: back in the day, everything was better.  Seriously though, it was. I’ll break it down to a couple of different categories and then you tell me if I’m lying. Oh and just to specify, when I say “back in the day,” I mean Nintendo up to the PlayStation 1 cause I grew up on Jampack demos and Final Fantasy VII. I’m only 28, I’m not THAT old—geez.

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