Smart But Simple

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Music, Personal
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I’m going to try really hard not to sound arrogant, but I’m a pretty smart guy (queue theme song). For as intelligent as I am, I’m still extremely simple when it comes to how I imagine things can and/or should be done. In my world, if you like something, you buy it and tell people about it. If something is bad/annoying/negative, you ignore it and don’t spread it like wildfire. If someone hits you up, you answer them, even if it’s just a quick “I appreciate it”. There are no automated responses in my simple little mind. At the very least, a mass response via text or email would be far better than a pre-programmed response you put together 3 years ago.

I guess this is why I’m so terrible at marketing myself through social media. I don’t understand how these kids operate (he says at 28yrs old). There are artists that I know personally and some that I don’t that I support simply because I like what they do. They ask questions on their page and I answer them. They put out projects, I share them with my friends. Maybe it’s because I’m an artist as well and I know how it feels to not get a response, but I can’t really say it’s that because I don’t look for them to reciprocate. Hell, if I did it for that purpose, I’d never say a word about them. It’s just love. Love for the art and love for their passion. I guess because that’s how I look at it, I’m doomed to be confused by someone who has over 100K followers just for retweeting funny shit someone else said.

There’s a distinct “me me me” vibe in social media that doesn’t sit well with me. Everyone wants to be a celebrity with nothing to truly offer. They talk about how much money they have or the moves their making all to create this illusion of how awesome they are when it’s so far from the truth. Then other people living the same lie follow and feed into it, lifting this false idol higher and higher in an attempt to gain more sub-limelight themselves. It’s…disgusting really. Put it’s all a dance. By the time anyone takes the time to find out who and what you really are, it’s too late. You’re everywhere and anyone who doubts your greatness is a hater. This wasn’t life 10 years ago. How did we get here?

You would think I would be smart enough to understand all of this, but I’m just too simple I guess.


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