Brilliant Misplaced Minds

Posted: February 12, 2015 in Music, Personal
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If you heard a story about a multi-million dollar that started from nothing but two brothers, it would be a story of a family living the American dream. If I told you these brothers employed upwards of 400 people, the majority of which came from under privileged areas, you may call them humanitarians. If I told you they were responsible for funding the music careers of Fabolous and Young Jeezy, you might consider them hip-hop legends. Unfortunately, they are regarded as none of the above. They were simply criminals.

Demetrius “Big Meech” and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory were brothers living in Detroit who saw drugs as a way out of the hood like so many others. Unlike many others, however, instead of feeding into the cinematic stereotype of what a drug lord is suppose to be, they went the route of businessmen. They had compounds in cities coast to coast for running business in a number of different states. They united bloods, crips, and various other gangs under their banner through diplomacy instead of force. They provided money for any and everyone involved and preached unity and monetary growth for anyone in BMF (Black Mafia Family). And, as the name implies, they believed everyone in BMF was family. Meech can be heard saying “Most people don’t want to spend money. We love to spend our money. We can’t take it with us when we go. There’s no armored car pulling up at the funeral.” All of this prosperity while out maneuvering authorities, both state and federal, for years. How much more could they have done if they were CEOs of Enron, Tyco or WorldCom? I’d venture to say more than the people who were in charge did.

The only issue here was their product and that brings me to my point: given a chance to run a legit business, how big could these two have become? If kids in places like Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn, Compton, New Orleans, etc had any real concept that this entrepreneurial spirit could make them gods in the corporate world, how much further could they go in life? The Flenory brothers just wanted a better life like anyone else living in poverty would. They took it upon themselves to get into what was available and showed amazing initiative in building their empire. If there were programs to keep them off the streets and into apprenticeships, they could be on the Fortune 500 list instead of in jail. Considering how much corruption goes on in business, especially with American corporations, a street mentality would fit right in…minus the violence of course…although it’s not like big businesses are above hiring mercenaries…nevermind. The bottom line is, there is a clear disconnect if brilliant business minds like this are stuck on the wrong side of the law.

Everyone has to do better from the ground up. It might seem cute to some to have a 5yr old saying the words to Bobby Shmurda, but when that kid believes THAT is success, he/she is already doomed. When you have a 13yr old child more concerned with hollow Twitter followers instead of true relationships with people, they can be easily led astray. When the people around a child aspire towards nothing greater than watching reality TV and drinking, they will either end up just as stagnant or look elsewhere for inspiration. There has to be more kids EVERYWHERE brought up with more positivity. They have to know they can be great or they’re doomed before they even get started.


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