Love in the World of Anime

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Personal
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I’ve said this before, but it bares repeating: I’m a fairly intelligent guy. That being said, when I miss something, I am COMPLETELY oblivious to it. Today’s example; how is it possible that people fall in love so hard and so fast in animes?

Let’s look at the ingredients for these stories. First, the majority of them star teenagers anywhere between 13 to about 16 years old. If you think back, that’s about the time we were all stupid for girls/boys and thought every crush we had would lead to a Cory and Topanga relationship. Mix in the fact that there’s not a single unattractive female in all of anime and guys don’t really have a chance. Second, they spend ungodly amounts of time with each other. Even within school settings, they’re usually in the same class within arms reach of each other. Typically, they also live close to each other and they’re parents seem to have zero issue with teenage children being in a room alone together for extended periods of time. Whereas you’d only see someone for a couple hours after school, these characters seem to spend entire days together for months at a time. Finally, there’s the major factor that rarely exists in real life: danger. You may spend your entire life never truly sure if someone really has your back or would die for you like they say, but in anime, these situations present themselves every episode. If your average woman spends 48 hours with a handsome adventurer who saves her life with his undefeatable skills, she’s probably gonna fall in love at a highly accelerated rate. At the same token, if a dude is warming up some cute, large breasted woman who shows him nothing but adoration for his pure heart and determination, he’s going to fall just as quickly and probably twice as hard.

So, the next time you see some character head over heels in love with another character two episodes deep into a 400+ episode anime, try to keep the entire picture in mind. I know I didn’t, but yeah…don’t be as simple as me.


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