Social Evolution

Posted: March 9, 2015 in Personal
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If you want to climb up and there is an impassable obstacle baring your way, what would you do? You could continue to bang your head against it, hoping it breaks. You could live off the hope that you might make it through and die trying. You can even gather together other people to rage against the obstruction, supporting each other as you press against insurmountable odds to no avail. The correct answer, of course, is to simply go another way.

If I have difficulty breaking into a particular industry due to racism, sexism, nepotism, or any other form of discrimination, it becomes my responsibility to find another way. It’s just evolution. Those who stand in the way and refuse to grow or let the world grow are meant to become extinct. It is for those who are shunned and looked down upon by the current generation to evolve around and above them, making them obsolete. We can all riot, protest and the like, but unless we find a way to work without those we wish to dethrone, I don’t see how real change happens.

The other half of it is continuing the evolution and not becoming what you’ve just surpassed. There will be hard times and more than enough reasons to hate everything and everyone by the time you reach the top, but to take it out on those who wanted change because those who resisted it beat you down is counterproductive. Those great strides forward that got you to where you are become just as great backwards if you simply evolve into what you hated and rebelled against.

Just be mindful as you grow and achieve. Do not let your climb to success make you jaded or cause you to deny success to others trying to walk your path. There is no happiness for anyone in that, nor is there any true change.

  1. daniellecarver says:

    Yep, continue to bang against the wall, but make sure you have some painkillers on hand. And make sure to try the back windows LOL

    • lol I always try to tell people there’s another way to do everything. Want to be a doctor? Yes you have to go to school, but there’s a bunch of schools. Want to be a musician? Yes there’s a music industry, but there’s also the independent way. Might not be easy, but you gotta check those back windows lol. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

      • daniellecarver says:

        No problem! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I always remember that. I also try to suggest other roads to other people but they’re dead set on running to the same brick wall repeatedly and wonder why their head’s almost gone. It’s amusing to watch, I admit, but sad.

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