Random Collections of (Hopefully) Temporary Thoughts

Posted: June 5, 2015 in Personal

I think about suicide way too much.

My music isn’t my own anymore. I haven’t felt ownership of it in quite some time and it hasn’t been fun in awhile either. That’s starting to feel like another “what’s the point” kind of deals.

I’m fairly certain I spend more time sad/depressed than I do happy. At least on average. I have my stints of greatness, but generally, yeah.

I generally feel alone.

I’m pretty sure at this point, I don’t have much faith in my own success, which may be a huge part of the problem. It’s become a cycle of a self fulfilling prophecy.

I’m absolutely sure everyone I know would be at least a little better off without me.

I feel completely uncomfortable telling any of this to anyone in any type of serious capacity and chose to write it here because I know no one pays attention to what I say or do…


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