Posted: June 8, 2015 in Personal
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It’s suffocating. No matter what you do to try to escape it, it is there. In every inhale and exhale it permeates your very being. Every conversation just causes it to to grow ever thicker, bigger, and more venomous. Your bubble of positivity is but a temporary barrier. The longer you stay, the more it seeps in. Filling your lungs, your mind, your heart, your soul. You become just as dark as it. Just as negative, as cold, as numb. The rub is, no one realizes what is happening because they’re all apart of it. They have created it. They are one with it. They perpetuate it. They don’t realize they poison one and other, but they unconsciously attack anyone who appears to rise above it. No one can live here. No one can smile here. No one can love here. All must be misery and all must destroy happiness. Be part of the miasma that is life. Destroy everyone around you.


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