Posted: June 10, 2015 in Personal
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I’m not a person who requires much. I’m a gamer so I get games. I like to drink so I get liquor. I enjoy writing so I write. I enjoy making music, so I do. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to need less and less. I used to say I could never live outside of NY until I had no choice. It’s not so bad. I used to say I could never live outside of the east coast, but Cali is beautiful. I used to say a lot of things that were based on nothing more than a lack of experiences and had circumstances been different, I may have stunted my growth as a person. Now I’m considering living in North Carolina. A place that, as a child, I would visit and swear I could NEVER live there. “It’s too quiet”, I would say. “There’s nothing to do”, I would say. At 29, I see things far differently than I did at 9 which…duh, I should. I’ve learned to look forward to the future and enjoy the growth of things. See an area develop. Feel the thrill of finding a farmers market that has cheeses you’ve never heard of for $5. Find a martini bar downtown (which is far different from a NY downtown, but a downtown all the same) and make it your “spot”. It’s the little things as they say and it’s the simplicity of those little things that really moves me. I may never shut a club down and have everyone know my name, but as long as the bartender at my favorite spot and the people over at the local sushi bar know me, I think I’ll be alright. Location be damned.

*NOTE* Feature image by my brother J. Carter for (e)ScapeLife Photography


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