The Evolution of My Reality

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Music
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*NOTE* At some point I’m sure I’ll figure out how to make this a song, but for now, here it is in it’s raw form

When I grew up it was about the flag that you were reppin
-Thought we were done wit that
When I grew up it was about being careful where you were steppin
-Thought we were done wit that

Thought when I grew older it would just be winters that were colder
But it’s cold blooded killin blood spillin like that’s what someone ordered
Maybe that 1% protecting profit while we riot
Mothers cryin cause we dyin young and old burying sons and fathers
If we win history will see em as martyrs

But we takin Ls right and left, nothin left to lose and no more Ls ta light
-They legalized it but took it from us right
Like our style and our music, they love it, swagger jack it and abuse it
Pepper spray Jack when he shakes the confusion
And asks why a child died and the pig got a free ride

We hungry out here the fear is unfulfilling the things we dealin wit make most wanna quit
Anger boiling over flowin but no idea what to do wit *sigh* any of it
-it’s hard not to be sick isn’t it
Imagine how I feel this reality is too real
Oh the feels when I think my loved one is next
Racing to death with every step cause a badge is a license to kill
-man I just want my license to ill

Just wanna move crowds but if someone thinks I’m too loud
At a gas station it’ll be my momma prayin
Payin funeral costs when I was supposed to take care of her sorrows
-the fear of losing your tomorrows

-But still I’m hungry for greatness
Trudging through the grayness of a black and white matter
Seeing the counter tags to black lives matter
Yes we all matter but we’re not all descendents of slaves

Yes we all matter but your majority aren’t kept in a cage
Yes we all matter but there are dues to be paid
I’m bout sick of the hypocrisy
Where the FUCK is my apology

*NOTE* Feature image credit to J Carter for (e)ScapeLife Photography


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