What Happened

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Music, Personal
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I write this with an extreme sense of melancholy. Once upon a time, there were bands, background singers, producers, and engineers. Once upon a time, there was a sincere, earnest love of music . There were collaborations of respect, a combination of grand ideas that fused together to become so much more than the sum of its parts. People were discovered, groomed, trained, and unleashed on the world to bring a quality of music audiences couldn’t even imagine. Now…now I don’t even know.

I wasn’t a part of any of that. I just see documentaries of mega stars and unknowns alike telling tales of serendipitous studio sessions, once in a lifetime performances, and unimaginable amounts of efforts put in to make songs we all know come to life. For every story I hear, I am filled with a combination of pride and sadness. I am proud of the work my predecessors put in. I am just as saddened to know that those times are long gone and as an artist, it’s almost unbearable. I’m no singer and thus, I suppose there’s nothing I could have done to continue such traditions, but the lose of such things equates to a loss in musical quality across all genres that no one can escape. With less thought provoking and polarizing music to inspire listeners, what then creates the next generation? What then inspires me? What hope do I have trying to do music with musical depth similar to the sounds I grew up on?

I am not naive. I fully understand that music is a business now more than ever. I understand that labels are far more likely to run a pretty face or six pack abs through the “machine” and feed this processed sound to the masses than cultivate a raw talent. I understand that the general public will digest anything it is fed enough times. As someone who sees through the smoke and mirrors, however, I am still sickened by it all. Not just for the loss of the soul of it all, but for my own selfish reasons. I feel cheated out of the experiences of those that came before me. I won’t have stories like Quincy Jones meeting Ray Charles, like Sheryl Crow singing back-up for Michael Jackson, or even like J Cole getting ignored by Jay-Z. Our entire lives rely more on social media presence and perception than actual experiences and talent.

I don’t know when the change happened, but it clearly has. I don’t know why I feel so weighted by it all, but I do. I’m not saying that we need to go backwards, but we certainly need to be more organic in our interactions and art. I’m not even sure any of this makes any sense really. I’m not sure I actually conveyed how depressed I am at my perception of music and human interaction and THAT scares me. To be so jarred that I can’t even compose my thoughts well enough to be understood is almost more than I can stand. *sigh* I swear, I don’t know what happened.

Feature Image Credit: (e)ScapeLife Photography


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