Posted: December 14, 2015 in Personal
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You know why I can’t take a lot of people seriously? Because they speak from a narrow point of view. They have not seen a world outside of their square mile radius yet they feel they have the intelligence/experience/knowledge to school others as to all the flaws of their lives. Their foundation is weak, so anything that comes from their lips can’t stand, regardless of its validity. It all sounds like muddled garbage spewing from the face of ignorance. These type of people claim to speak for people they’ve never met, talk of events they know nothing about, and advocate ways of life they refuse to earnestly practice themselves.
You know why I can’t take a lot of people seriously? Because they never bother to see the other side of the coin. The best way to get someone to understand where you’re coming from is to speak to what matters to them. If you don’t know what their situation is, how can you speak on it? How can you suggest real, lasting improvement when you don’t know the truth of what’s wrong? You’re own point of view is trash and now you refuse to see more when it’s offered to you because you know that your way is so right. If it were so righteous, why are we standing in the same place, yet you’re so mad? These Facebook rioters, Twitter warriors, these same people that leave hateful, hurtful comments on other people’s pictures, songs, videos; if you’re so right, where do you find the time to even be this angry? You’re wrong and you don’t even know it because you know nothing. You don’t know why the other side does what they do and you don’t care so you can never communicate. You’ve lost all hope of the united front you sought because of your own ignorance. Congrats.
You know why I can’t take a lot of people seriously? Because life is far more simple than people try to make it. Just don’t be a dick. If you follow the teachings of the bible, there’s no room for you to be a dick. You are to live a life of example, love others as the Lord loves you, etc. It’s there. Your own rule book teaches you not to be a dick. If you follow the teachings of Judaism, you stand as the foundation of the Christian and catholic faiths. Your people endured great hardships not for you to put hardships on others. You were the first to receive the commandments and it’s real hard to be a dick if you play by those rules. If you follow the teachings of Islam,you encompass all of the above and more. You are taught not to speak ill of any man not present to defend himself and if another does, you are to defend your brother. It doesn’t get much more nondickish than that. Excuse my paraphrasing for those who follow these or any other religion, but the proof is there. If you’re going to claim it, live it. And for those who are not particularly religious, DON’T BE A DICK!!! Apparently no book is going to teach you that lesson, so for the sake of human decency and common sense, just don’t be a dick. If you don’t understand something, ask someone who does. If you don’t agree with something, stay the fuck away from it. AND STOP ACTING LIKE SOCIAL MEDIA IS REAL LIFE!!! It’s not. It’s the world’s biggest video game with the worst graphics and we only play it cause our friends are on it and it’s free. Turn the game off and have sincere human interaction and I guarantee the quality of your life will improve.

Somewhere along the line this fell apart and I started ranting, but given the name of the blog, that’s kinda par for the course. Take whatever positivity you can out of this, ignore the negativity that I’m sure seeped its way in and go be a better person.

  1. Well put and spewing with fact!

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