Posted: February 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

It’s haunting and it’s not pleasant, but it’s real. Sometimes, life is just like that…


It feels like you never left…

Days pass quickly, but nights move slowly as the moon unwillingly crawls across the sky. Another glass of whiskey, another song and then it’s off to bed again.

This taste…my lips are stained with the remnance of your kisses…breath still sour from speaking your name. It’s like you never left this place.

There’s a dust ring surrounding a smooth, clean space on the wall. Though your picture has been long since removed, somehow your mark is still there.

The breast pockets on my shirts smell like your perfume. You used to place your head on my chest on our date nights at the theatre… hours upon hours listening to my heart beat for you.

Though you’ve left me alone here, I can still feel you…sense you. I smell you. I hear you. You’ve marked this place. Though no physical damage is present, memories of…

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