All We Got

Posted: February 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

There are not many I stand with. I have two brothers left, neither from birth (Rook, Rob Franchi$e),I have one parent left (my mother), I have friends (literally too many too name but they will be on the album), but there are so many more that I’ve come across. I want THEIR approval though. I wish I could say they hate me but they don’t. I wish I could say they’re jealous, but to my knowledge, they’re not. They pay me the worst insult you could ever pay an enemy: they ignore me. Not a call, text, comment, share, retweet, or like. Yet it’s them that I starve for. It’s terrible. As I drunkenly write this on my phone, I can honestly say that resolutions be damned I still care because I know I wanted to be great for them. I know I could employ them, I could get them outta the hood, I could get them where they wanna be but they don’t believe in me. That’s life though. My own mother bets more on a power ball ticket than me so I get it.
I do this because it’s my path. I see who’s there and who’s not. I know what I’m doing to be great and I don’t speak on it all. I suffer, generally, in silence. Even this will go unnoticed, but it will stand as a testament to the opportunities I gave and how they were brushed off.
12 45music 4 life. Thank you to everyone who read this to the end. Thank you to everyone that listens. Thank you to everyone to gives me a chance to be great. You’re who I do this for now. You’re who I’ll do this for til I die. I’m here to give you what the radio and satellite doesn’t.


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