This Weight is Heavy

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Short Stories
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…Man this wait is heavy.
Cops still killin my peoples, confederate flags fly from Chevys
Damage still unrepaired from levies, apathy is steady
but man this wait is heavy

I said I said, man this wait is heavy
Like saiyan trainin at 100 times gravity
are our attention spans victims of brevity or are victims piling rapidly
…man this wait is heavy

Do you know how heavy this wait is
to never see images of yourself in greatness
to see the best of you more concerned with status
you can’t know how heavy this wait is

Oh how heavy this wait be
waitin for a time machine to go back to the 90s
the best of times but still see my peoples they catchin bodies
can’t stand how heavy this wait be

It’s heavy, defined as needing much physical force
cause that’s the answer if you the soliders in the streets of course
but it’s also heavy, meaning mentally oppressive
impressive they press us to retaliate then call us aggressive

But it’s all about the wait
I’m waiting for my civil rights since so many have already died in that fight
oh that’s right, we’re already in a post racism era
my error, only thing new about this era is the caps im wearin

This wait is heavy
and though we suppose to stand together I still feel like I’m alone
so i get into my zone until I write another poem
cause i can’t tell if I’m killin time or it’s killin time

  1. Poetrygrl says:

    I absolutely loved this poem! I like the wordplay, visuals, and emotions. As I read I got angrier and angrier but then in the end it’s a question that makes you reevaluate everything and how I approach it. Thank you.

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