Habit Forming

Posted: July 1, 2016 in Short Stories
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My new favorite thing is writing rhymes at 4AM

Awakened by my mind like a child screaming let’s begin

I scramble for my phone wit the light turned from my girl’s eyes

So she can continue to enjoy the peace my mind denies I

I frantically type my thoughts as I dreamt em

Vent em like over heated clips in a rail gun

Once done I place it outta sight and outta mind

Til a new line comes stampeding outta my mind

-Then the scramble begins again

Gentle movements calm breathes as I swipe the letters and

I write of better men, people I am in dreams you may never see them ever… damn

And away it goes again as I drown in the darkness

The only sounds are my cat’s purr on my chest and the fridge

But that can’t keep me from tryin to figure out what Fetty Wap is

Which leads me to question why I’m not on yet and where’s my respect and dream I’m up next

-and then my phone’s back

More words aligned as the sun climbs and all hope of sleep dies

I love it though. Don’t know what I’d do without it

*Feature image credit (e)ScapeLifePhotography


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