Still the Same

Posted: February 2, 2017 in Personal, Uncategorized
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I’d love to come on here and share some grand plans I have for the rest of my life to explain my absence…I have none. I’d love to say that I was on some quest for inner peace as the reason I haven’t written or so much as reposted something in so long…I wasn’t. It’s literally the same issue now that I had when I first created this blog, started making music, writing poetry, or (now that I think about it) started living: who…the hell…cares? If i never made another post, recorded another song, wrote another poem, or inhaled another chest full of air, who would care? I don’t mean that nearly as morbidly as it sounds. Speaking from a strictly logical and time management perspective, who has time to give a shit? There are so many things going on that it’s almost egotistical and narcissistic of me to think I fit in somewhere among what someone would deem important. I mean, I’m not Beyonce having twins and I’m certainly no Meek v Nikki beef (because I’ve been told these are things that are happening outside of the world of K-Pop).

I suppose you must be wondering then, “the fuck are you writing this for then?” Right…well…because I want to. This is one of the few times I’ve turned on my computer and came to my blog without an endgame in mind. I have no big picture for this post and I don’t expect my phone to ring with some life changing opportunity. I am simply putting these words in this space because holding on to them may be poisoning my soul and it makes ME feel better to put them here. Of course, that’s probably even MORE egotistical and narcissistic than the previous motive, but now I don’t give a shit *shrug*.  If you would like to be a part of my self centered ramblings, by all means, you’re welcome. If you get something out of this, something I previously wrote, or something I’ve yet to write, even better. I will be doing everything from here on for me. I hope you enjoy it, but quite honestly, if you don’t, go fuck yourself.

Thanks for helping me see the real point of the art of words, Rook.


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