Point J to Z

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Personal
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Though I am dejected at the moment, I still have every intention to do great, positive things if/when I get any sustainable amount of money. I’ve had time to think about the other side of the coin a bit though. Why would someone with a surplus of money, I mean literally more money than they could possibly need in several life times, be so selfish and self serving with it? How could they not want to use that money to make sure others don’t have to go through the same hardships as they did? Wouldn’t they want to help whatever industry or art form that got them to where they are?

No. No the fuck they wouldn’t. You know why? Because in order to get to where they are, they literally…yes literally, had to go through hell. Think back for a second, if Jay-Z’s uncle actually took the time to support a young Shawn Carter, maybe he wouldn’t be the (in my opinion) hard hearted businessman he is today. Maybe, just maybe, he would have a bigger hand in shaping the next generation of hip-hop instead of still being concerned with his own fame and money. But why the hell should he? Who helped him? Who believed in him?  There were no less than 1000 people standing between him and 1/8th of the success that he found in his early career, so after getting through all of that garbage, all of the muck and mire, how could he not be jaded? I get it.

On the other…other side…this is a big ass coin. Would it even be a coin anymore? Anyway, nothing can change until more people make it through the bullshit with their heart and soul intact. People have to realize the unnecessary struggles they went through and help future generations prosper. They have no contractual or spoken obligation to do so and I think they’ve been so torn down on their way to success, they realized no one shows any real responsibility towards artistry. Why would they? Movies, music, TV, video games are all multi-billion dollar industries now. There’s no time to cultivate wordsmiths or crowd moving performers when you can put in half the effort and just stuff it down people’s throats until they buy it. I digress, the point is, it’s easy to give in to the status quo of terrible we currently sit in, but it is only through personal accountability that actual change can happen.

Who knows though, I might be just like the rest of them if I get to where they are. Maybe I’ll be so worn down and torn apart that I won’t be able to even remember what my more noble intentions were. Maybe I’ll never get to find out.


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