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Dear Idol Rappers

Posted: September 15, 2017 in Music
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I do not intend to discourage people from pursuing dreams of expressing themselves through the art of hip hop. This is simply a call to these Kpop idol rappers and others like them around the world to learn more about the culture they claim to love so much #peace


Dear Idol Rappers,

Greetings from the US. You don’t know me, but I am a practitioner and fan of your favorite art form: hip hop. I have studied the origins and foundations from ’77 to my own time, seeing the many innovations and evolutions of the art from the 90s til now. As a black man, I instinctively understand why hip hop is a necessary form of expression for those around the world that are oppressed and how hardships and struggle lead to the creation of this global phenomenon.
Do you posses this knowledge I wonder. With your incorporation of so many aspects of an art that is so tightly intertwined with the black community, do you know why you do what you do? I lived through Canibus vs LL Cool J, 50 Cent vs Ja Rule, Biggie vs 2 Pac and the only out come is negative. Careers destroyed, lives lost, and money wasted on studio time to attack another artist. Is this what you want to see for yourselves and your industry? Do you even understand why hip hop has such a competitive spirit? Do you know about Mandingo fighting? Do you know about how black people have been mentally trained to cut down and attack each other for centuries? Again, I ask, is this what you want for yourselves and your industry?
If there is truly a problem between artists, talk it out before it becomes something bigger. If it is simply a matter of seeing who is better, go verse for verse in a live battle for the fans. Inciting fan wars doesn’t end well (see again Biggie and 2 Pac). Don’t do things because it seems like what you should do. Think bigger and be unique. I would hate to see you continue to imitate one of the more negative aspects of a beautiful art.

The Ace of Spades


Welcome one and all to another episode of the Unconventional Couple. In this episode, we talk about our new favorite obsession, KPop. Hopefully we can open a few eyes and ears to something new all while providing a few laughs. Check it out, like, share, subscribe and all of that YouTubey/ social media stuff.

Today, I dropped the music video for my 3rd single off my debut album, “III”. As always, the homie BC Music 1st hooked me up with the videography and edited together a masterpiece. Take a moment and check it out. Hope you all enjoy and spread the word!!!


People wish for a winning lottery ticket. I say I am one. Who’s tryin to put in? #WinningTicket #LivingInvestment

Neva Loved Us

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Music, Personal
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I spent a lot of time watching the Voice with my mom over the last month or so. It was really cool seeing these artists grow and learn from people like Pharell and Adam Levine, artists I actually look up to and enjoy myself. They would have amazing performances accompanied by live bands, Carson Daly would stand with them as people showered them with applause, and their songs would be posted to iTunes for immediate purchase. I watched careers flourish right in front of my eyes. It made me think about American Idol, Ink Master, Shark Tank (to a lesser extent), America’s Next Top Model, Top Chef, Project Runway, Face Off, and literally every other show that serves as a launch pad for breaking through the glass ceiling between being good at something and no one knowing and having the nation know it…and then I thought…what about me?

The closest things to ANY of this the hip-hop culture has known in recent memory are Master of the Mix and Making the Band. Yeah…not much to go on there. The bottom line is, there just isn’t love for hip-hop. We are a marketable entity for violence, misogyny, and poor financial decisions, but only at the highest levels. Only after you have brainwashed enough people with enough garbage and a suit decides, “yes, he’ll corrupt his people quite well”, do you get access to the types of places every other genre takes for granted. I don’t make trap music. I don’t glorify violence (I talk about it because it exists, HUGE difference). I don’t objectify women. I tell stories, I talk about my point of view on the world, I talk about my life. I cannot PAY to do a video with FOUR people (myself, my brother, my uncle and a cameraman) in Allentown, PA. A couple years ago, Jadakiss and Fabolous performed up the block from where my uncle lives, but that place not only closed down, it was TORN down. They don’t love us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for a “get famous quick” route. To the contrary, I don’t care to be famous. I just want to make enough to support myself, my fiance and my mother and I’ll be just fine. What I want is to show this country that seems to LOVE the hip-hop culture so much what it really is. I want a panel of unbiased judges to have to hit a button to turn around for the next Nas. I want some type of filter. I want…I just want this genre to be seen as equal.’s the same with being black in America these days…

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What Happened

Posted: November 23, 2015 in Music, Personal
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I write this with an extreme sense of melancholy. Once upon a time, there were bands, background singers, producers, and engineers. Once upon a time, there was a sincere, earnest love of music . There were collaborations of respect, a combination of grand ideas that fused together to become so much more than the sum of its parts. People were discovered, groomed, trained, and unleashed on the world to bring a quality of music audiences couldn’t even imagine. Now…now I don’t even know.

I wasn’t a part of any of that. I just see documentaries of mega stars and unknowns alike telling tales of serendipitous studio sessions, once in a lifetime performances, and unimaginable amounts of efforts put in to make songs we all know come to life. For every story I hear, I am filled with a combination of pride and sadness. I am proud of the work my predecessors put in. I am just as saddened to know that those times are long gone and as an artist, it’s almost unbearable. I’m no singer and thus, I suppose there’s nothing I could have done to continue such traditions, but the lose of such things equates to a loss in musical quality across all genres that no one can escape. With less thought provoking and polarizing music to inspire listeners, what then creates the next generation? What then inspires me? What hope do I have trying to do music with musical depth similar to the sounds I grew up on?

I am not naive. I fully understand that music is a business now more than ever. I understand that labels are far more likely to run a pretty face or six pack abs through the “machine” and feed this processed sound to the masses than cultivate a raw talent. I understand that the general public will digest anything it is fed enough times. As someone who sees through the smoke and mirrors, however, I am still sickened by it all. Not just for the loss of the soul of it all, but for my own selfish reasons. I feel cheated out of the experiences of those that came before me. I won’t have stories like Quincy Jones meeting Ray Charles, like Sheryl Crow singing back-up for Michael Jackson, or even like J Cole getting ignored by Jay-Z. Our entire lives rely more on social media presence and perception than actual experiences and talent.

I don’t know when the change happened, but it clearly has. I don’t know why I feel so weighted by it all, but I do. I’m not saying that we need to go backwards, but we certainly need to be more organic in our interactions and art. I’m not even sure any of this makes any sense really. I’m not sure I actually conveyed how depressed I am at my perception of music and human interaction and THAT scares me. To be so jarred that I can’t even compose my thoughts well enough to be understood is almost more than I can stand. *sigh* I swear, I don’t know what happened.

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1245 + 1520

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Music
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Got a new music double header for you. First up, What Up!: a throwback to that 90s boom bap style of hip hop, paying homage to the foundations of the genre.

Then, the story driven song Melody: originally titled Killah Bitch, I decided to go with the name of the main character of the story as the title as not to degrade what is meant to be a strong, female character. Special shout out to the Fabulous Miss Fortune for the beat.

Both tracks are brought to you by the collaborative efforts of 1245Music and my Canadian peoples at 1520 Classic. Check out their page and show for that real hip hop.

As always, hope you’re all diggin the tracks. If you are, by all means, spread the word #salute

I have been so neglectful of you people and for that, I am sorry. Allow me to make amends by bringing you my latest music video for Light It Up -the second single off my upcoming debut album III.

Stay tuned, I’ll also have previously unreleased tracks dropping this week and more randomness about random things.

NEW MUSIC!!!!! Just dropped my latest single from my upcoming “III” album titled “Light It Up”. Check out the jukebox video for it. Official music video coming soon.

*NOTE* At some point I’m sure I’ll figure out how to make this a song, but for now, here it is in it’s raw form

When I grew up it was about the flag that you were reppin
-Thought we were done wit that
When I grew up it was about being careful where you were steppin
-Thought we were done wit that

Thought when I grew older it would just be winters that were colder
But it’s cold blooded killin blood spillin like that’s what someone ordered
Maybe that 1% protecting profit while we riot
Mothers cryin cause we dyin young and old burying sons and fathers
If we win history will see em as martyrs

But we takin Ls right and left, nothin left to lose and no more Ls ta light
-They legalized it but took it from us right
Like our style and our music, they love it, swagger jack it and abuse it
Pepper spray Jack when he shakes the confusion
And asks why a child died and the pig got a free ride

We hungry out here the fear is unfulfilling the things we dealin wit make most wanna quit
Anger boiling over flowin but no idea what to do wit *sigh* any of it
-it’s hard not to be sick isn’t it
Imagine how I feel this reality is too real
Oh the feels when I think my loved one is next
Racing to death with every step cause a badge is a license to kill
-man I just want my license to ill

Just wanna move crowds but if someone thinks I’m too loud
At a gas station it’ll be my momma prayin
Payin funeral costs when I was supposed to take care of her sorrows
-the fear of losing your tomorrows

-But still I’m hungry for greatness
Trudging through the grayness of a black and white matter
Seeing the counter tags to black lives matter
Yes we all matter but we’re not all descendents of slaves

Yes we all matter but your majority aren’t kept in a cage
Yes we all matter but there are dues to be paid
I’m bout sick of the hypocrisy
Where the FUCK is my apology

*NOTE* Feature image credit to J Carter for (e)ScapeLife Photography